Tory Van Wey

Tory is a San Francisco artist and illustrator.  She is best known for her use of stark contrast, bold composition, and selective color palette.  in concert, these elements lend a strong graphic quality to her illustrations, while her level of detail displays a dedication to traditional ornamental craft.

She graduated in 2008 with a degree in Graphic Design from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. After receiving her BA she dabbled in graphic design, letterpress printing, horticulture, and tech before establishing her freelance career as an illustrator that happily occupies the space between design, illustration, and fine art. 

Her works spans several mediums including mixed print techniques,  cut paper, and traditional graphic design, with a primary focus on ink and digital illustration, tattoo design, apparel, and poster art.

She has worked with a diverse group of clients including the Ritz Carlton, Goldenvoice Productions, the Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival, and the Stagecoach Music Festival, as well as private clients and collectors. 

She lives in San Francisco's Mission District where she draws, tends gardens, and generally takes it easy.

I worked with Tory to create an illustration for my travel blog, and it was a fantastic experience! Our collaboration worked out brilliantly, as Tory immediately connected with the ideas that I originally brought to her, and then built on them to come up with a great concept, which she executed beautifully. The whole process ran super smoothly, and I am so excited to start using my illustration!
— Kaitlyn, Small Things in Big Numbers Blog