Steamroller Printing and Painted Tongues

Fresh Produce

I wanted to inform you about a really great event. OBVIOUSLY this would have been more helpful before the event happened but you should pen it in your iCali-cals for next year. The SFCB (San Francisco Center for the Book) puts on Roadworks every year. Imagine closing off a street on Potrero Hill and driving a steamroller over hundreds of linoleum prints, while surrounded by some of the Bay's top print studios and artists. Top it off with a beautiful cloudless San Francisco sky and plenty of artsy activities for the kids and you get a perfect afternoon. Oh, and free coffee and cookies from whole foods.

Rolling with the homies.

Painted Tongue Studios (the studio I apprentice with) has been doing this for a few years. Actually a few steamroller prints grace our walls from years past.

Drum roll please...

It was a wonderfully diverting way to spend an afternoon and it was great to check out some of the work that other studios are producing. Check out the SFCB website and the pictures from the event. Also swing by the Painted Tongue Studios blog for some stellar letterpressed genius and tell them to give me a promotion to PR pusher extraordinaire. Photographs courtesy of Benjamin Chan, Kim Vanderheiden, and the rest of the Painted Tongue Studios staff.